Proposals for cow shed and milking parlour at Coleg Glynllifon

Cadnant Planning Ltd has been commissioned by Grŵp Llandrillo-Menai to undertake a pre-application consultation (PAC) in respect of proposed development on land at Coleg Glynllifon, Ffordd Clynnog, Llandwrog, Caernarfon, LL54 5DU.


We give notice that Grŵp Llandrillo-Menai is intending to apply for full planning permission for the demolition of the existing dairy farm building and cow shed, removal of two existing slurry tanks, erection of a new livestock shed and milking parlour, construction of a silage clamp and dry manure store, internal access road together with associated works.


Prior to formal submission to the Local Planning Authority and in accordance with the requirements set out in Part 1A of the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016, the proposal will be subject to pre-application consultation.

About the Application

The proposal relates to the development of a multi-million pound dairy production facility at Coleg Glynllifon, which would promote animal welfare, sustainability and green growth. The proposal would comprise demolition of some existing buildings and removal of two slurry tanks from the site and the erection of a new dairy farm building with underground slurry storage, rotary milking parlour, dry manure store and silage clamp, together with associated works.


The development would be located on the existing farm yard at Coleg Glynllifon.


Grwp Llandrillo Menai’s aspiration is to develop a new facility that promotes efficiency, sustainability and exemplary standards of animal welfare. In order of priority this would include:


  1. To increase the efficiency of the dairy housing to accommodate up to 220 cows

  2. High welfare cow cubicles to promote a high level of animal welfare

  3. Automated LED lighting control system

  4. Environmental control curtain to respond to changing weather conditions

  5. Covered open ridge ventilation configuration

  6. Rainwater capture and re-use system


The new dairy development will enable the Glynllifon herd to show good practice in slurry and water management. The project will create an underground storage facility with reduced labour and low carbon slurry management equipment. It is proposed to install self-drive robotic scrapers to remove slurry from the housing to designated slatted floor areas within the buildings.


As a priority for the project, the proposal would create a facility that demonstrates best practice in slurry and water management to include:


  1. Underground slurry tank with six months storage capacity for 220 cows

  2. Roofing on the silage pit to capture and reuse rainwater (estimated at 1 Million litres a year)

  3. Concrete indoor feeding area to reduce wastage


In addition to providing an economic boost to the north Wales economy, the proposal represents a significant investment in the educational future of Grwp Llandrillo-Menai’s students. The new projects will provide a range of modern facilities to help nurture greater learning, entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge transfer and enterprise development.

Have your say

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposed development must do so by 30 August 2022. 


We would encourage you to e-mail these to or alternatively please send them to: Cadnant Planning, 20 Connaught House, Riverside Business Park, Benarth Road, Conwy, LL32 8UB.

Thanks for submitting!