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Planning application

Preparation of a planning application is key. A planning application should include sufficient level of detail to enable the decision...

Appraisal & Due diligence

An initial planning appraisal is the first and most important stage of providing planning advice. You may have land that you'd like to develop yourself...

Pre-Application Consultation (PAC)

Legislative changes introduced now require developers to carry out pre-application consultation (or PAC) on planning...


Our planning approach is based on avoiding the need of planning appeals wherever possible.  However, sometimes, it is unavoidable. We prepare and submit...

Land promotion

Securing a development plan allocation provides certainty and adds value to your land. When promoting land for development, the...

Our team includes planning and heritage professionals who can act as expert witnesses at public inquiries or in court...

Impact Assessment

We have specialist who provides a range of impact assessments to accompany planning applications, including ...

Expert witness



Aerial View of a Suburb


Image by Heidi Sandstrom.


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Aerial View of Farm

Agriculture & Diversification

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Metal Tubes

Commercial & Industrial

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Round Library


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Sustainable Energy



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Gorse Hill Conwy


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Gym Equipment

Sport & Leisure

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Our heritage consultancy service includes providing expert advice to clients on managing heritage assets and developing schemes related to...